DESIGN CRITERIUM -- EVERYTHING must be available at a big hardware store or at retail on the internet!!. No aerospace expensive parts or materials are allowed to be incorporated into this Project. It must remain affordable and doable to the average worker with a little mechanical ability. Commercial aviation is full of costly aircraft, this will not be one of them.

DESIGN COST TO FLY -- is starting out at the nice round sum of $10,000 USD.

Flight Duration -- weeks. If solar cells are used, only crew consumables control the duration.
Payload -- 2 crew and 100 kilograms cargo.

Lift gas -- Must be hydrogen for affordability and long flight duration. Hydrogen can be generated in flight to replace seeping lift gas.
Lift bags -- should be latex meteorlogical balloons, rather than expensive, difficult-to-sew gas-tight custom bags.
Airframe -- simple fiberglass triangular beams and guywires for supreme lightness and firmness.