Object of Modeling:

  • see where to reduce weight by using cheep! and light-weight rope instead of spars.

  • simplify the original design in the sketch as the design becomes clearer as it is manifested in real life

  • practice using your hands on the materials you may employ in the Flight Unit, the Test Bed, precursers of the Prototype.

Ken, the pilot, at 12 inches tall, gives a sense of proportion to the SkyBoat model.

Some of the knee joints have been installed. This exercise shows how to attach the parts of the actual full-size Flight Unit. The upper and lower apexes of the spars have simply been glued together with polyurethane construction adhesive to hold the parts together for study purposes. Apexes will be replaced with X joints made in the fashion of the knee joint construction.

The web of strings above the pilot's head is the form of cabin partitions to separate the lift bags from the work space. They are not integral parts of the frame.

Volume/lift calculations put the size of the Flight Test Unit at sixty feet long by forty feet wide. This model, due to the size of the available bamboo sticks being four feet long, is twelve feet long by eight feet wide. That makes it a one/fifth scale model, or, twenty percent of the full size version. These sizes are not graven in granite, they are working numbers to be modified at the convenience of the airship constructor. More will be revealed as we proceed through the process of research and development. ALM

Spar Joints

Notice how the spars are joined by strong and tough triangular plates. They will be made of 2" thick styofoam sheets covered with fiberglass. They will have buckle belts clamping the spars against the plates. We are looking for affordable construction solutions that work with a wide margin of safety and are finding most of our raw materials in Ace Hardware or Home Depot stores. This is the top spar apex where they are attached together and to the central mast.MarvinCrossJoint.jpg

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