The Skyboat Personal Airship Design by Meece Air Design's [MAD] founder Allen Meece may have an envelope that is shaped like a "Fat Diamond," a diamond kite which has been inflated to contain lift bags. Its lifting-body shape will generate some lift from the airstream to improve maneuverability.

This shows how the six-way coupler is made. It is the central crosspiece which connects the upper and lower masts and the wing spars and the nose and tail booms. The white connectors are made of vinyl plastic downspouting which slides tightly into lightweight aluminum downspouting 10' pieces. This is affordable aerospace construction!

1, start with 2x4.jpg

Cut a piece of two by four twelve inches long

2, round edges to slip collars on.jpg

Grind the sharp edges so it will slipppp into the vinyl downspout collar pieces.

3, cut six plastic collars.jpg

Cut six plastic collars from 2" X 3" vinyl downspouts available at hardware stores for ten dollars for ten feet pieces!

4, coupler mast collars fixed.jpg

Push the six-inch-long collars 3 inches onto the ends of the 12" two by four wooden coupler core which will become the heart of the "mast," [the vertical piece of the three-piece airframe] of the SkyBoat..

5, riveted collars screwed to coupler.jpg

Rivet the collars onto the hinges. Screw the hinged collars into the wooden coupler core. Hinges must fold upward on the mast core. This umbrella action is for EZ foldability for great portability on a car's roof-rack!

6, coupler finished.JPG

The finished hinged six-way coupler which goes in the center of the three-piece airframe. Aluminum downspout pieces will be slipped onto these vinyl collars to form a 30' mast, a 60' boom and a 40' lifting body "wing." This inventive construction will result in an airframe that weighs only thirty pounds!!

rivet the coupler bracket2small.JPG

It is not hard to make a SkyBoat Personal Airship. Anyone can do it.

SkyBoat design images from Second Life online virtual world.

Skyboat frame & rigging top view with pilot_001.jpg
SkyBoat frame and rigging showing pilot by Allen Meece
3D top view of EZ 3-Piece airframe and includes the all-important rigging for strength.

Skyboat frame & rigging.jpg
A model of SkyBoat frame made of aluminum downspout as it appears in Second Life online virtual 3D world. Dimensions are 30' High, 40' Wide and 50' Long. Stern of aircraft is at the left side......Allen Meece
Human figure is added here to show the modest size of the SkyBoat Personal Airship.Smaller is cheeper and makes it EZ and affordable!
Skyboat frame & rigging2_001.jpg
Lifting body shape adds aerodynamic lift while moving in flight so SkyBoat will have negative buoyancy when it is landing and taxiing so that an expensive ground crew is unnecessary.

Design inspiration for a lifting body SkyBoat.

Facetmobile by B. Wainfan

Facetmobile. This ultralight aircraft design really flies and can be scaled-up to function as a lifting body airship:

FacetAirship adaptation by Allen Meece
Meece Air Design, MAD, early SkyBoat design which is also an atmospheric re-entry spacecraft shape.

The advantage of the "FacetAirship" style is that it uses straight beams which are easier to fabricate and install than curved beams. Long ,straight and lightweight beams. Straight trussed beams are easier to make from aluminum tubing than are curved beams. Straight lines are essential for affordability!

Inventive style of lift bags, commercially-available neopreneWEATHER BALLOONS!
Chairship greek village Celebes SL May2014_001.jpg
Cheap, simple and EZ! Chloroprene weather balloons inside a "Fat Diamond" rigid airframe made from aluminum square tubes, [drainpipes]. Thirty three eight-foot balloons will lift this UltraLight Aircraft's fully loaded weight of 500 pounds!