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This is a large "lifting-body" blimp. Aerovehicles is gone but their design, now called the P791, is being developed by mega-monopoly LockMart for military usage. That is doing us civilian wannabe airshippers no good at all! [P791 flight video ]
A smaller, prettier lifting body dirigible is being designed on this SkyBoat wiki site for a Personal SkyBoat (TM). It can cost much less than ten thousand dollars for do-it-yourselfers to get airborne with our UltraLight airship.! No pilot license nor aircraft certification is necessary to fly an UltraLight airship and that saves many thousands of dollars and months of time toward the cost of flying.
Safety demands that the airshipper gets flight training and has a mechanic inspect his air vessel before First Flight.

Advantages of Lifting-body Design

  • Can slow down to drop out of the sky and perform a "heavy" landing under firm control.
  • Can taxi heavily on the ground without needing the assistance of an airship ground crew of handlers.
  • Can be designed to be smaller and faster with less drag than a standard dirigible.
  • Doesn't need an expensive wind-protection hanger because it can be tethered outside like an airplane.
  • In short, the TCO of a lifting body, Total Cost of Operation, may be one-half of the standard airship TCO!

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